Johann Alexander

i'm a business analyst, project/it manager and fitness enthusiast.

Digital marketing and project management for the telecommunication industry

Digital marketing and project management for the telecommunication industry

Telecommunication companies are similar to FMCG companies in a way that digital marketing is quickly implemented, highly responsive to customer feedback and promotion driven. Unlike the FMCG companies, Telco companies suffer from a saturated market and must focus on diversify the portfolio in order to stay competitive and relevant.

The following was some examples of the work I did for the above mentioned focus:


Customer driven user experience

Websites tend to be very technology focused, forgetting about the usability and ease of use. One of the main goals should be to relook at the existing website and its user journey and be critical about the good and bad of it. Staying objective is hard in these cases so it's always good to have a focus group or a view from a third party.

Sales driven UI

The idea behind a sales driven UI was to create e-commerce customer behavior. This meant that the entire website user interface had to create a call to a sales action. 1. Convert existing user journey to an e-commerce customer journey by simplifying the upgrade or buying journey 2. Implement strong call to action within entire site 2. Implement UI elements like buttons, banners, additional product info, pricing + discounts, promos, product gallery, shipping options and FAQ 3. Integrate customer identification with backend data for upgrade options and transaction history 4. Implement marketing promos and sales strategy

Analytics reporting

Google analytics is an important tool to track, monitor and measure the success of digital implementations in respects to the customer behaviour. Analytics reporting can show the customer journey, bounce rates, conversion and so fourth. Using the information, the management can decide which strategies work best and how to focus efforts on increasing the revenue.

Requirements gathering and user story creation

One of the biggest challenges is to gather the details of a requirement, translate it into an implementable task and break it down into user stories for development. The business analysis/user flow may seem quite straightforward but in the world of human needs and wants, requirements tend to be very vague. Often coming up with a solution is always quite tricky, depending on the hardware, system architecture and software available, not to mention the skills of the development and design teams.

Diversifying portfolio and product line

Adding value to the clients is always a primary goal as an IT solutions provider. In a saturated market, telecommunications sales heavily depends on existing subscribers and not new users. One of the solutions to this issue was providing ideas and solutions on how to diversify the portfolio and product lines so additional revenue streams can be created. This could be from mobile applications, partnerships, upgrade options or even digital downloads.


Inaccurate requirements

Unstable infrastructure


Stakeholder Communication

Vague business objectives

Tight deadlines