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Marketing case study - McDonald's

Marketing case study - McDonald's

I'm sitting at McDonald's enjoying a cold medium green tea, planning the rest of my week. Being an avid web worker, I have learnt how to be mobile.

I'm looking at the menu and I noticed some recent changes to their approach. The menu has limited text, big images, strong call to actions and bold colors. I have a smilar approach to web design and the key to this is the basic fact that people want things as soon as possible. They would actually prefer it now. I read a fun fact that when a population grows in size, the speed of the culture tends to increase as well.

Watch this for example: Indian man fast.

So how does this affect the advertising and marketing approach?

I track my client websites with Google analytics and notice the time spent of an individual viewing a website seems to be decreasing. It's the "I want it now" culture. So what did McDonald's do?

They adressed not only their customers' wants and demands but also their customers' pshychological perception and consumer behaviour. Try it out, walk over to a McDonald's and experience your lunch. Watch your visual perception as it goes from entrance, to the queue to the menu, to the cashier. Now, they make you wait aside while your meal is prepared. What do you do? You look around at the pretty colors, the sundae, the coffeee, the deserts and now you're wondering what you're going to eat the next time you stop by McDonald's.

This is good branding, invoking not only a behaviour but a subconcious desire for more.

I try to design web sites that way. Simple, straightforward and an emphasis on a call to action. My philosophy is that viewer are viewer until a decision is made to become a customer or not. My job is to get them to decide.