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My name is

Johann Alexander

and I'm an IT/Project Manager and Business Analyst

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9 Jan 2019: Contact form 7 plugin for Wordpress is now using Google Recaptcha v3. You may have to update your Wordpress settings.

16 Dec 2018: WordPress 5.0 has a new way to manage content, for those who like the previous way, install Classic Editor

14 Dec 2018: Google map APIs require billing accounts now. If you have issues, use the Google map iframe embed.

14 Dec 2018: @HubSpot That's exactly how I feel about @HubSpot

14 Dec 2018: For those running WordPress, version 4.9.9 has automatically been updated. Don't upgrade to version 5.0 yet.

13 Dec 2018: I've been using @HubSpot lately. Amazing!

13 Dec 2018: is up!

13 Dec 2018: Happy holidays everybody!

I have spent the last

fifteen years

of my career working on


Business Analysis

Objectives, Goals, Scope, Architecture, Solutions, Requirements, User Stories

8 years


Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, EDM, Social Media, Branding, Market Segmentation

6 years


General Management

HR, Accounting, Training, Recruitment, Leadership, Process Improvement

15 years


Hardware / Software Support

Linux, Windows, Servers, Network, Email

9 years


IT Management

Linux, Windows, Servers, Email

9 years


Project Management

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Implementation, Delivery, Risk Analysis, Reporting,

14 years


Web Work

Apache, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Photoshop, Gimp, Geany, Terminal

9 years

and this helps with the managing of the IT ecosystem of small to medium enterprises.

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as soon as I can.